Does it pay to properly maintain your home?

Major appliances and equipment can last up to ten times longer when properly maintained, saving you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs!

Maintenance Packages


Monthly Maitenance Tips - FREE

Just "Subcribe" on our home page and you will receive helpful tips on keeping your home "Well Maintained" 


Live Well Annual Package - $49/month

Our Live Well Annual Maintenace Package provides a 15 point preventative maintenance check-up.


Live Well "Plus" Annual Package $99/month

Our Live Well "Plus" Annual Maintenace Package provides a 35 point preventative maintenance check-up.

Maintenance Package Overview

Well Maintained Home Services, Maintenace Package(s) are a monthly subscription routine maintenance program that will help keep your home running in tip top shape. For an affordable monthly fee starting at only $49.00 per month, our Home Maintenance Specialists will visit your home on a routine basis and perform maintenance tasks that are needed to keep your home’s mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems running smoothly and efficiently. Without Preventative maintenance, major components such as water heaters, HVAC equipment, disposers, faucets, drains, garage doors etc., will eventually fail costing homeowners thousands of dollars in potential replacement costs. 

 It’s a proven fact that a good solid routine maintenance program, not only saves you money but makes your home more enjoyable to live in because things actually work like they’re supposed to! Busy homeowners simply don’t have much time, the desire, or the skillset to perform these vital maintenance functions. Most people would simply like to enjoy their leisure time and not have to worry about their home maintenance issues. As we get older, we sometimes lose the physical ability to perform these tasks like we used to. That’s where we come in! 

During our every other month visit, we complete tasks such as changing furnace filters, swapping out light bulbs, replace thermostat and alarm batteries, clean faucet aerators, clean shower heads, clean sink traps, cycle emergency shut of valves, check for plumbing leaks, conduct sump pump test(s), check electrical systems, clean gutters, and much more! Our monthly subscription model allows us to do all of these vital tasks for you at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay bringing in specialized contractors to perform home maintenance. 

All of our bonded,  Maintenance Specialists undergo a rigorous background check and are put through a comprehensive training program to ensure your home is properly maintained and respected; no mess and no fuss. We make it easy for you to maintain and enjoy your home.

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